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A soft landing for new employees in a new job

We often encounter the following types of hard landing, which affect the length of time new employees will stay with a company.


If you use consultants to select new employees for you, they will carry out the bulk of the  work. The crisis arises when the consultant hands over the short-listed candidates for the second or third round of final interviews and the customer's company has no functioning system to help integrate new employees.


Aggressive companies, which value human talent have this stage extremely well thought out. One of our clients, which is proud of its almost nil employee fluctuation, has the following system:


New employees arrive to find their office totally prepared for them - table, chair, PC, e-mail address, telephone line, mobile telephone and business cards, as well as a welcome meeting with their subordinates which may take several hours and during which the objectives and tasks for a given period are defined. They also have a well thought-out programme to introduce new employees to the company culture, its relationships, rituals, corporate dances as well as the rumours and intrigues, thereby providing them with a much deeper understanding of how their team actually works. This method has proved enormously successful over the long-term. 


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