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Your future employee is selected by his/her future colleague/rival

Our experience has shown us a number of cases where the choice of a new employee has been entrusted to his or her future colleague, or where this colleague is invited to attend the selection interviews.


Parkinson’s third law states, among other things, that no one ever voluntarily selects a better co-worker than they are themselves. The elimination of competition is a form of natural self-defence which comprises part of our genetic make-up.


Viewed objectively, this process will inevitably lead to the selection of less qualified people than the company currently employs. It is obvious that the evaluator (the future colleague/rival) will always relate the performance of the candidate to his or her own performance and will naturally try to show him/herself to their best advantage.


This mistake is generally made in over-democratic companies where the boss tries to pass on responsibility when he/she should not. When this happens the head of the workforce is abandoning one of his/her primary roles, which is that of the team-builder.  He or she is the person who has to adopt an objective viewpoint and select increasingly better employees for his/her team in order to increase their quality of  work, and through this the performance of the company as a whole.