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The "ideal" candidate

A major foreign company once approached us with a request to find them a new manager. The client was someone with a well-developed sense of humour, and occupied himself by developing the following description of an ideal candidate:

- unaggressive

- takes on any amount of psychological 

- never objects - stress
- does not use the Labour Law - does not grow old
- does not drink - does not smoke
- does not eat - never asks questions and never objects
- does not want money - delivers what was promised
- does not sleep - never says NO
- is faithful - does not harass colleagues
- always smiles - never gets tired
- has no family - has no bad working habits
- has no constraints - never lies 
- has no hobbies - is neither to detail-oriented, nor too
- can work 24 hours a day   globally-minded

A brief glance through this request was enough to convince us that the candidate they were looking for was at that moment standing in a corner of our offices, which we duly presented them. This was a department store dummy, conform in all aspects to the profile presented above. We never won the assignment, and were told that the customer had selected instead „a company better able to fulfil the requirements set out ..."

Unfortunately we never managed to discover what type of object our competitor presented.