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Managers select subordinates OF LOWER ABILITY THAN THeir own

Tradition has it that the advertising magnate, David Ogilvy, whenever he took on a new Country Manager, always sent him a classic Russian doll, and when he opened it and took out smaller and smaller dolls, once he reached the smallest, found a rolled up cigarette paper with the words "If you choose lesser people than yourself, this is what our company will eventually look like."

A good example from Prague:


A very aggressive American company which has a much smaller market share in the Czech Republic than it has elsewhere in the world, is managed by totally unaggressive people. We held several Assessment Centres there and discovered that they are most interested in people like themselves, which means the type of people who will not represent a threat to their careers.  They described the company requirements for new employees as exaggerated and added statements such as „we are not in America here".  This did not worry their competitors, who extended their lead over them more every day.


Where was the fault to be found? The wrong selection method from the very beginning. You will not find good players in a bad team.


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