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A Company invests in Finding a new manager, but neglects his implementation, or does not ensure he is successfully “landed” in the company, and just before starting he is won over by a more aggressive and FINANCIALLY healthier competitor

Research shows that 80% of people who decide to leave a company, actually make that decision, based on purely emotional reactions, during their first week at work.

They may then stay on for another month, six months or a year, but in fact they had already decided to leave in the first week.


We have on several occasions been witnesses to cases where a manager who had newly arrived in a company received absolutely no initial orientation or training. Many people reply that they employed the person to put the company back on its feet and you then can do nothing but agree with them. However, most people encounter problems adapting to a new environment and most reasonable people quite rightly often have doubts about their decision to change jobs.


It is often the case that the direct superiors of the new manager have no time, or are away on holiday, and just leave him to „get on with it“ in his new position.  This „getting on with it“ often threatens the total investment the company has made into finding the new person.


One of the possibilities also involves feedback which should be provided by any good consulting company and which means that from the time the new employee starts work, he/she is regularly contacted by the company which is then able to report back to his/her superior any disparities between the conception the new employee had of the company when joining it, and the real situation.


So what is the correct way of doing this?


The table below is a good illustration of this:


R.B. Lacoursiere, The Life Cycle of Groups: Group Developmental Stage Theory (New York: Human Service Press. 1980)


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