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Do you want to discover some of the mistakes companies have made in selecting top management staff through Executive Search projects or from Assessment or Development Centres?



Mistake  1: The company accepts candidates who are far too highly qualified for the position under offer
Mistake  2: How to deter a good consulting company
Mistake  3: A Company invests in Finding a new manager, but neglects his implementation, or does not ensure he is successfully “landed” in the company, and just before starting he is won over by a more aggressive and FINANCIALLY healthier competitor
Mistake  4: Managers select subordinates OF LOWER ABILITY THAN THeir own
Mistake  5: An assessment centre cannot compare completely different functions
Mistake  6: An assessment centre is carried out simply for the form, to say "We did it"
Mistake  7: The choice of location can influence the results of an assessment centre
Mistake  8: The "ideal" candidate
Mistake  9: The wrong choice of interview location or time can disourage good candidates
Mistake  10: Disappointment = expectation2 - First mistake
Mistake  11: Disappointment = expectation2 - Second mistake
Mistake  12: Disappointment = expectation2 - Third mistake
Mistake  13: Disappointment = expectation2 - Fourth mistake
Mistake  14: Leave the choice of managing director to the experts I
Mistake  15: Leave the choice of managing director to the experts II
Mistake  16: Your future employee is selected by his/her future colleague/rival
Mistake  17: Do you train up a novice, or employ someone with experience from the very beginning?
Mistake  18: Restructuring is organised by people who don´t really want to change anything
Mistake  19: The main task of salespeople is to sell, technical expertise is a secondary consideration
Mistake  20: Duplicity in the selection process produces high levels of wastage
Mistake  21: Salary scales deter talent
Mistake  22: "Puppet Management"
Mistake  23: We are looking for a change agent
Mistake  24: We're looking for someone completely different
Mistake  25: Candidates from several sources, or giving the same order to several companies
Mistake  26: Replacing an inexperienced talented employee with a hardworking idiot
Mistake  27: I won't be buying a pig in a poke, I've known him for years
Mistake  28: A soft landing for new employees in a new job
Mistake  29: There are three types of Hollywood director
Mistake  30: A camel is a horse designed by a team
Mistake  31: What are they actually paying me for?