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Who is this product aimed at?


This product is aimed at managers of companies developing a Greenfield site which do not yet have a functioning personnel department, or where the existing personnel department is not able to deal with this type of demanding project on its own.

The company may be a newly created production firm, a financial institution, or one involved in trade or distribution.


What is it?

It is a systematised solution covering the design and implementation of a recruitment campaign, including any related activities, for a large number of employees in one or several places in the Czech Republic.


It is unique approach which involves combining standard search methods with new IT technologies, call centres, job fairs etc.


Why would you want to work with us?


You want to be able to sleep in peace. You will place yourself in the hands of professionals because it means you will get a good night´s sleep.


You will become more sure of yourself. Tried and tested methods in the hands of true professionals will convince you that you have made the right decision.


You will save a considerable amount of time. We can carry through a project for you which would normally be enormously time consuming: this can represent 900 - 5,000 hours of work - you will save your own employees´ time, if you ever hat it to spare.


Speed. Our professionality and the quality of our product will provide you with a level of speed and accuracy, which you could only have achieved otherwise through enormous effort.


Your standards and image will be improved. Our product s specifically focused on quality, which is so important for you. The quality of the system we offer will bring you top-quality standards of your company. You will be a quality employer where quality employees provide quality work. This will naturally help your "brand" on the labour market and reinforce you personnel marketing as well as your image.


You will immediately appear to be different, better. Employee selection through quality procedures is the corner stone of personnel marketing and will enable you, over the long-term, to distinguish yourself from the other employers in your region.


Your output will increase without effort. Working with us is transparent and controllable. You will spare yourself worries and time which will then allow you to concentrace on your "A" priorities, of which you probably have more than enough.


Working with us is user-friendly. You will find our system easy to understand, because we can listen to what you need, improve our performance and provide firstclass reports. Our reports can be in Czech or any other language you or your colleagues may require. They are in electronic format and can therefore easily be forwarded to you superiors anywhere else in the world, or can allow them to publish the data via Internet server. Wherever you are, you will be able to access the latest data on our state of progress 24 hours a day, seven days a week.


If you want to be satisfied you can see that working with us can both save and earn you money, so your satisfaction lies in your own hands ...


Your expectations and how to recognise that you need us?


If you know that


  • you can´t manage everything by yourself and you don´t have an extra few hundred or thousand hours available

  • you have other tasks besides locating employees

  • you are looking for competence

  • you want a functioning system which will generate first-rate employees

  • "the machines must be up and running" on D-day

  • you want to achieve the tasks you have been assigned correctly and successfully
    then we can be a partner for you.


What should you be clear about?


You want to build your company on firm foundations.
You do not want the company infested
by poor employees.
You know that poor employees will affect the economic outlook for your company in the long-term.
You feel that this is an important problem.
You must want advice.

If you want more, please contact us .