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Advertising search


We can devise a proposal that utilizes the most advantageous media for you  to advertise in. 

We design both format and content of the advertisement on an individual basis for each client. Then we approve the proposed advertisement with you, the client, after making any necessary changes.

Advertisement text can either be anonymous, or your company name or logo can appear in it.

The cost of the advertisement is based on the original price set by the individual publisher.

The invoice will be issued after publication of the advertisement.


1) Our “basic preselection process” is a very easy way for you to learn about the qualities of candidates for a given position.

This method of collaboration entails our receiving the responses - written replies from the candidates and conducting structured interviews with those short listed.

In order to create the interview structure, a precise job description is very important for us. On the basis of these interviews, the responses will be divided into two groups. The first will contain those candidates who correspond to your basic demands, the second will cover unsuitable candidates.

When the structured interviews have been completed, we then provide you with a verbal assessment of each candidate interview as it relates to your requested characteristics.

After this, any further steps will be taken by yourselves. We shall be happy to support you in organizing interviews with your chosen candidates. Should you wish, you can use our offices, or conduct your interviews in the presence of one of the CATRO consultants.

We only invoice you on the basis of the hours actually worked. Our working day comprises 10 working hours.

We can conduct approximately ten fifty-minute interviews per day. Because total costs vary with the number of CVs submitted by the candidates, we can, if you prefer, set a limit on the maximum fee beforehand.

2) Our “search and preselection” product takes you through the process from the initial search to the signed employment contract with your selected candidate.

With this product, we carry out the entire preselection procedure on your behalf. We conduct in-depth structured interviews and analyse candidate curriculum vitae along with their professional careers. Our questions are aimed at their expertise and experience. 

Should you wish, we can conduct professional tests to gain the most precise possible picture of any candidate in the light of your demands, and combine the results with those of the interviews.

During the course of the interviews, we shall keep you informed of their progress by telephone and, on completion, you will receive the material relevant to our recommended candidates along with an oral commentary.

Together, we shall decide which of our selected candidates you wish to see and then interviews will be arranged accordingly. We shall present you the selected candidates individually. Our consultants will participate at this presentation and will support you with their advice. Should you be interested in a particular candidate, we can then secure their references.


The fee for this type of service will be 25% of gross annual income, calculated on the basis of a gross annual income of 1,000,000 CZK. This means that our minimum fee is 250,000 CZK or 25% of the gross annual income, depending on the complexity of the work involved.

Our  fees are then invoiced in three equal parts:


- the first third will be invoiced upon being awarded the assignment

- the second third on presentation of the short listed candidates

- the final third (success fee) will be invoiced on signature of a employment contract, at the latest 14 days after the presentation