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How we work - preconditions for collaboration

Just as other top quality western European consulting companies working in the area of Human Resources Consulting, we have adopted the following “Code of Practice”:

We treat all information received during the course of the assignment, either from our clients or from the candidates, as totally confidential.

We take on only those assignments we are sure we are able to deal with.

Before beginning work on an assignment, we agree with the client, in writing, on the nature of the assignment, the fee structure and payment conditions.

We do not take on any assignment where the total fee depends on the location/acceptance of a new employee.

We treat the employees of our clients as untouchable, and will not contact them with other employment offers.

We will not accept an assignment which has also been assigned to a third party.

Three to six months after the candidate we have found has taken up the new position, we contact him/her personally or by telephone and evaluate his/her position. We then discuss these evaluations with the client who gave us the assignment, and also seek their feedback.

General business conditions  

We work as exclusive partners on each of our assignments. This means that, should you wish to introduce your “own” candidate into the preselection process, our fees will not be reduced. Instead, these candidates will be included in the selection process, allowing you to compare them with others.

Our exclusivity also means that no material from any of the candidates included in the selection process will be used for any other assignment we are working on at the same time. This is the reason we insist on the timely completion of each assignment.

Travel costs are charged at 15 CZK/km. Payment is due 14 days after the invoice date. Additional consulting costs over and above the agreed selection process will be charged at our usual rate of 5,900 CZK/hour. Any additional charges, such as accommodation, airfares, etc. will be invoiced on the basis of prior agreement. Should you find a suitable candidate by yourself, or withdraw from the contract, we will invoice you our costs up to that time. In the event that you employ or sign contracts with more candidates, we will invoice you in addition the total fee for each of them. All prices given in our offers are net of VAT.