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Personnel development

The Prussian general, Freiherr von Hammerstein-Equord, divided his associates into a total of four groups according to whether they were lazy, hard-working, clever or stupid. The first group contained the stupid and hard-working, and he maintained that these should be got rid of immediately because they wasted the company resources. The second group were the stupid and lazy, and, he claimed, were basically worthless and should be got rid of immediately after the first group. He wanted the third group, the clever and hard-working, to form the core of every company. The fourth group, the clever and lazy, were to form its management, because they refused to deal with things in detail and this implied that they could see problems in a wider context.

How does it work in your company? Are you also trying to develop and train inappropriate people? You must know that this leads nowhere. How do you define who is appropriate and who is not? Our unique CATRO methodology can also help you here.

CATRO products for Personnel development:

  • Management Audit
  • Company opinion poll
  • Analysis of recruitment / dismissal requirements for employees
  • Concept and recruitment of trainees
  • Career planning
  • Management Coaching
  • Employee evaluation system
  • Interviews with employees
  • Development of job descriptions and procedures
  • Development Centre to assess which employees should be promoted