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Services to companies

Catro is a full service consulting company offering personnel and business consulting services.

We are used by companies which need help in finding new people, or in evaluating their current workforce or those searching for fresh ideas and approaches which will allow them to find a method of effecting changes over the long term.

We work together with companies looking for high-quality services, and which know how to work with consulting companies.

The difference between a consultant and an agent

A consultant advises the client how best to achieve the required results and offers him options and possibilities for further action (e.g. is changing your sales director really what will help your company or is there another better solution?).

An agent (agency) in most cases simply carries out your instructions and it is very unlikely that he/she would offer you any advice or alternative solution.

A consultant represents the company, the client, making the search. He works on the basis of exclusivity. An agent represents the candidates as well as the company. He does not work on an exclusive basis and therefore can offer the candidates to other companies as well as yours, including your competitors