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History of Catro and CFR Global Executive Search

Catro is the only global headhunter specialising in support for Czech exporters.



The then largest Austrian consulting company, Ratio, is established in Austria, subsequently splitting to form the Catro group, led by Oskar Aistleithner, and based in Linz.



Catro s.r.o. is established in České Budějovice, headed, from the beginning, by the current owner, Martin Vosecký.



Catro opens an office in Prague. Companies are established worldwide, which will eventually group together under the CFR label.



The current Company Secretary, Petra Linhartová, joins Catro.



During this year, Catro joins the four “founding fathers” of CFR and the Austrian branch of Catro, which became a member in 1999.



CFR Consulting Group becomes CFR Consulting Group Ltd, registered in Great Britain. Martin Vosecký becomes a co-owner and shareholder in this company. During the same year he settles with his Austrian partners and becomes the sole owner of the Czech company, Catro.



The main group brand is changed to CFR Global Executive Search Limited.



The CFR Global Executive Search group has 57 offices in 29 countries worldwide and employs more than 300 qualified consultants. All the companies making up the group are owned by CFR partners, who also actively manage them.


The group’s global performance is impressive. It fills more than 3,000 positions and has a turnover of almost ¾ billion CZK.


The ability to offer great service is dependent on the ability to communicate quickly and efficiently. This is why all the owners meet twice a year at an in-house conference, which is dedicated to improving and accelerating cooperation. The owners get to know one another and are better able to communicate than if they had never met.